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鈥淟et鈥檚 try again,鈥?Patrocinio urged. Fisher鈥檚 sponsors had donated a pile of corn to Patrocinio鈥檚village, and he hated to lose the windfall. This time, he鈥檇 open the team to runners from outside hisown village. He鈥檇 head back into the canyons鈥攁nd back in time. Team Tarahumara was goingold-school. � "Sam decidedcorrectly at the timethat White, Weld knew more about public offerings than we did, sohe let them have the business. But he told them, 'I hope you'll include the folks at Stephens, becausethey're good friends, and they're good people.' White, Weld asked us if we wanted to take a third of thedeal to their two-thirds. I talked it over with Jack, and he asked me what I thought of the company. Isaid I thought we ought to do it. And we did. Later on, in other offerings, we got a fifty-fifty piece of thedeal along with White, Weld."So Rob started to work on the plan, which was to consolidate all these partnerships into one companyand then sell about 20 percent of it to the public. At the time, our family owned probably 75 percent ofthe company, Bud owned 15 percent or so, some other relatives owned a percentage, Charlie Baumowned some, Willard Walker owned some, Charlie Cate owned some, Claude Harris owned some. Allthose early managers would borrow money from our bank to buy stock in the stores. Willard was themost skillful at getting money. He would cultivate the guys who ran the banks and they'd let him havewhat he wanted. Consequently, he realized fabulous returns on it. He had more ownership than any of themanagers. � � � e欧美性情一线免费http And, of course, we write a detailed account of the meeting in our company newspaper,Wal-Mart World,so everybody gets a chance to read exactly what we did. We like to think that this kind of meeting bringsus all closer together, and creates the feeling that we are a family committed to one common interest. � � � �