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"Really it's a pretty simple philosophy. What you have to do is just draw a line in the dirt, and force thebureaucracy back behind that line. And then know for sure that a year will go by and it will be backacross that line, and you'll have to do the same thing again."I guess one reason I feel so strongly about not letting egos get out of control around Wal-Mart is that alot of bureaucracy is really the product of some empire builder's ego. Some folks have a tendency tobuild up big staffs around them to emphasize their own importance, and we don't need any of that atWal-Mart. If you're not serving the customer, or supporting the folks who do, we don't need you. Whenwe're thinking small, that's another thing we're always on the lookout for: big egos. You don't have tohave a small ego to work here, but you'd better know how to make it look small, or you might wind up introuble. I MAY spare the reader more details about my hero鈥檚 school days. He rose, always in spite of himself, into the Doctor鈥檚 form, and for the last two years or so of his time was among the praepostors, though he never rose into the upper half of them. He did little, and I think the Doctor rather gave him up as a boy whom he had better leave to himself, for he rarely made him construe, and he used to send in his exercises or not, pretty much as he liked. His tacit, unconscious obstinacy had in time effected more even than a few bold sallies in the first instance would have done. To the end of his career his position inter pares was what it had been at the beginning, namely, among the upper part of the less reputable class 鈥?whether of seniors or juniors-rather than among the lower part of the more respectable. Those meetings are just one example of how, in the early days of being a public company, we really didhave to go to greater lengths than most companies to let Wall Street get to know us and understand us. � � � av—天堂手机网 鈥淲hy should I take them from where they are,鈥?said Ernest to me in the train as we went home, 鈥渢o send them to schools where they will not be one half so happy, and where their illegitimacy will very likely be a worry to them? Georgie wants to be a bargeman, let him begin as one, the sooner the better; he may as well begin with this as with anything else; then if he shows developments I can be on the lookout to encourage them and make things easy for him; while if he shows no desire to go ahead, what on earth is the good of trying to shove him forward?鈥? Behind the then chapel of this last-named college, there was a 鈥渓abyrinth鈥?(this was the name it bore) of dingy, tumble-down rooms, tenanted exclusively by the poorest undergraduates, who were dependent upon sizarships and scholarships for the means of taking their degrees. To many, even at St. John鈥檚, the existence and whereabouts of the labyrinth in which the sizars chiefly lived was unknown; some men in Ernest鈥檚 time, who had rooms in the first court, had never found their way through the sinuous passage which led to it. McTaggart, or "Mac," as he was familiarly called, the guest of the evening and the hero of the hour, related many amusing incidents which had come under his notice while Clerk of the Public Works. � 鈥淣aturally,鈥?said Martin, and he added hastily in English, being somewhat shy of revealing himself to Bigourdin: 鈥淐orinna can tell you that I鈥檝e been loyal to you all through. I鈥檝e had a sort of blind confidence in you. I鈥檝e chucked everything. But I鈥檓 nearly at the end of the financial tether, and something must happen.鈥?